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Our themes make your life easier and save your money, you will be able to go out for some burger.

We guarantee our templates and themes that they will cach the eyes of your customers.

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3 easy steps to use our tailwind Nuxt.js templates

Step 1

First find the best theme that fit your starup

If you have a technical background that will boost your go to production time or even apply some customisation to the template itslef else you've to follow our documentation.

Step 2

Deploy the template to a server

Our templates can be delpoyed to a multiple different servers life netlify.com or vercel.com, they're free and easy to manage your deployments

Step 3

Add your custom domain to the server

After Deploying your server you will have an ugly URL for your website, you need to link your domain with that website created on netlify or vercel.


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“Smuice enables startups to launch their website fastly, save their time, cost and make their life much easier.“

Mo Obeidat, Executive Director

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